The top four things women worry about after cheating

台南徵信社推薦The current phenomenon of infidelity is really a wave of ups and downs. Cheating causes family unrest and marriage breakdown. However, cheating after marriage does not only happen to men. Nowadays, women have a high rate of cheating. A fear of cheating exposed, notorious difficult to see people. In China’s traditional concept, a woman’s virginity is more important than life, cheating will be called a slut can not lift their head. Although mode徵信社身家調查rn society is less old-fashioned and more tolerant of adultery, cheating in marriage is still seen as unwomanly. Women once derailed exposed, will be pointed out, their back as burr not to say, even family style tutor is also questioned. This is one of the main reasons why girls go away to earn money for their families. Extramarital affair is like taking opium, once touched, it will be addictive, hard to hide for a long time, exposure is soone徵信社查財產r or later. Therefore, the woman is most afraid of cheating, let their reputation is notorious, no longer see jiangdong face. Two afraid of passive divorce, clean out the door difficult life. Men value face, women value reputation, the consequences of cheating are very different. Although the affair is emotional betrayal, but the man can be promiscuous, but not allowed to wife cheating. A private detective firm in Beijing found that men and wo徵信社找車men also differ in their attitudes towards cheating, with men more likely to be forgiven by their wives after returning home, while women are less likely to be forgiven by their husbands. The woman after derailment psychological reflection is complex, easy to leave clues, as long as the husband attention is not difficult to find. If a woman is caught cheating, she may be evicted from her home. Divorced women, if their income is low, the qualit 新北徵信社y of life is bound to decline, children will judge their own worse. Accordingly, after the woman is off the rails, fear passives divorce most, lose stable economic source. Three afraid lover forced marriage, entanglement difficult to end. Some women do not have bad feelings between husband and wife, cheating is mainly to taste the sense of fresh excitement, the heart does not want to give up marriage and family. But after all, human beings are台北徵信社 emotional animals. Men are easy to fall in love, and women are not the few who are loved by lovers but get married in pain. Wang mou, a 43-year-old woman from guizhou province, was forced to marry a 64-year-old man after having an extramarital affair. Wang’s husband did not agree to a divorce, so he hit him with a hammer and seriously injured him. He was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for intentional injury. The woman is pester b桃園徵信社y lover very troublesome, worry already derailment behavior is exposed, fear lover stares at again not to put, as be immersed in mire cannot extricate oneself. Accordingly, after the woman is off the rails, be afraid of most by lover helpless and painful marry difficult break off. Four afraid of playing tired of being dumped, people and money difficult peace anger. Men are lower half animals, love the new is the nature, not a long time in a wo新竹徵信社man’s body hard work. Men also have a misunderstanding of women, always think they will value honor, play tired of being dumped will swallow. Little imagine, no matter how the woman derailed motives, feelings and sex are always interwoven together, with the man will have a psychological disadvantage, will not be willing to accept the outcome of the people and money. But after all, women are still weak, with ruthless men and how can? However, s台中徵信社cold and useless, can only admit bad luck. Accordingly, after the woman is off the rails, fear to play be tired of most by jilt, once be discovered again by the husband hind expel a house, have sulk only. Men’s reasons for cheating and cheating psychology are not the same, men after cheating and women after cheating, so worry about the problem will be different, the above is the summary of women cheating most worry about things, hope to give y台南徵信社ou a common reference.


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