The prospective mother-in-law asked the detective to check on the prospective son-in-law

LAAmbivalent personality survey is a very important aspect of premarital survey. Last winter, the parents of a girl came to their private detective company. They said that the girl had brought her boyfriend to the house several times. He was very nice and polite, and they were very happy. A few days later, in the boy’s house downstairs, investigators found that HTthe boy and an old woman in the street to buy food a little trivial matter, and the tone is very bad. Investigators will report this situation to the client, finally the client thought the boy quality is not good, ordered his daughter and each other to break off the communication. In addition, there is also a survey of people’s love and marriage history. The iETHnvestigation personnel introduces, to the person that be investigated before the investigation of affection experience, basically be the woman wants to confirm him to be in the position in the man’s heart, the case that the man cheats on a leg is not common. Investigation personnel is to follow commonly through activity, contact with the friend of the man, notEOS be of course the friend that current stage associates too close, lest cause suspicion, for instance the classmate of the university, high school waits, flank understands the man’s past love experience, decide the marriage and love attitude of the man thereby single-mind. Private research firms say marriage surveys are on the rise every year in the number of cDASHommissioned surveys they receive, with three or four out of ten being marriage surveys. And in the marriage survey, premarital survey proportion is not small, can account for about a third. In total, a private detective agency handles about 30 premarital investigations a year. It is understood that after the investigation of the private detective company, bothBTC parties break up the situation is not without, but after all is a minority, about 20 percent. “In this case, after all, the relationship between the two parties is not very harmonious, and our investigation is only a trigger. In fact, we do this survey, do not want to see this result. “Said Mr. Chen, the investigator. There are some young people, such as afteBSVr 90, and her boyfriend all day long in places of entertainment, she felt that this is the life you love, although parents entrust us to investigate, given the evidence, but the boys and girls feeling is very good, parents can not impose apart, relationship between parents and children, the very last, and this is not the investigators want to see the situationBRC. Not entirely because of the investigation, of course. There is a young man that even mo comes, home economy condition is not good, go to work in the bank, before a few months old is late at night very late just go home, girlfriend asks him why go, he also does not say. The girl was worried and told her parents. The parents found the investigation company, anBNBd the investigators secretly followed the young man for several days. They found that the young man was indeed working overtime, and the company leaders paid him a bonus. Instead of taking his bonus home, he quietly deposited it in the bank to pay off the mortgage and left some money to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. The relationship got better wheBITCASEn the truth came out.


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