What woman is born a mistress?

XLM盈幣寶Remember before read a sentence, is so said: the world of love can only accommodate two people, more than one person is a tragedy. Mistress is a topic that cannot be avoided in today’s society. Private detectives in Shanghai have learned that there are more and more mistresses in the real society, which is not only a social ethical issue, but also an issue that many people are born with mistresses. 1, peach blossom flourishing of Shanghai private detective xiaobian think: in fact, a lot of people are in their peach blossom blossoming and proud, in fact, peach blossom flourishing is also a hundred harm and no benefit, moral character with peach blossom easy to become small three. Peach blUSDT盈幣寶ossom represents heterosexual love, for unmarried people, or unmarried when the peach blossom, said heterosexual relationship good, easy to find love object, forming conjugal love, but for married people, or after marriage encounter peach blossom, it is easy to transfix another love, stick to the flower to provoke the grass, attract mistress. Especially when the column takes peach blossom outside the wall, or life takes two peach blossom above, small three problem is more prominent, and not only in his feeling is easy to appear small three, oneself also may become the third party in other people’s feeling. 2, mixed officer killed any female life, are “officer” represents, while “partial TRX盈幣寶officer”, namely “seven killed,” on behalf of partial, or the object of the second marriage, or are a good lover, so the woman MingGuan killed more mixed, or seven kill is born, is easy to himself as a small three, become a third party to break into the love, also can saying is a man of evil in the eyes of the others, and the female life after married, oneself also tend to be the husband of the small three entangled, forming officer killed a situation of mixed race. 3, eat hurt flourishing any female life, if the “god of food” and “injured officer” is more vigorous, and the “official” or “partial officer” is more weak, it is easy to form “injured officer system officer” or “eating god syOKB盈幣寶stem kill” situation, thus killed the officer to hurt or defeated, so there is such a sign of women are easy to become mistress. Of course, there is also a great possibility to be villain into their own love, their provoke small three odds is also the biggest, so the woman to pay attention to the food injury sheng wang. 4, any female life than a bullet clip officer, if two “than bullet” with a “officer killed”, her own husband is not honest, easy to take those closest to them, such as his sister, colleagues, friends, let supplanted in her love their loved ones, and should be a words, “prevent night, very difficult to control domesticthief”, not only that, even myself is also a to others NEO盈幣寶when small three.


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